Shaun Ryan

Notary Public

Shaun Frederick Ryan - Notary Public Jersey

I am a Notary public based in St. Helier Jersey being a member of the Jersey Notaries Society.

My practice is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.


- Legal opinions & certificates of law

- Witnessing affidavits, sworn statements and statutory declarations

- Certifying copies of documents as true and correct copies

- Witnessing and attesting the signature(s) of documents

- Arranging for Apostilles & Legalisation of documents

- Drafting and registering powers of attorney and attending to revocation thereof

- Contracts

- Registration of Patents, Trade Marks and other intellectual property rights


Jersey Company Formation
Shareholders Agreement
Partnership Agreement
Reduction Of Share Capital
Transfer Agreement
Trade Mark Registration


Most documents of a legal nature that are to be sent abroad need to be notarised. If you have been told that a document needs to be notarised, you will need to engage the services of a notary public. Solicitors and barristers are not authorised to notarise documents